55 comms helps clients to engage audiences in the rapidly changing media environment. 55 comms director Michael Crutcher worked at the highest level of Queensland's media industry and has unmatched knowledge of its operations. His brief as a newspaper editor was to engage audiences with the most compelling content across multiple platforms. He now does this with clients wishing to improve their engagement through their websites, social media and mainstream media. 55 comms also delivers comprehensive and lively presentations on elements of the media industry. More.

How to share insights on social media

Jul 31, 2020
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms Social Media Coordinator Struggling for good content ideas for social media? It's a common issue. But there's one option sitting right in front of you: share useful infor…Read more

Five ideas to snap creativity block

Jul 1, 2020
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms social media coordinator   For some businesses, coming up with content ideas is tough. They shouldn't worry -  it’s a common problem for anyone with social media acc…Read more

Making social media groups work for business

Jun 5, 2020
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms social media coordinator Social media groups are continuing to grow in popularity as users look for more authentic ways to connect online with other like-minded people. T…Read more
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