55 comms helps clients to engage audiences in the rapidly changing media environment. 55 comms director Michael Crutcher worked at the highest level of Queensland's media industry and has unmatched knowledge of its operations. His brief as a newspaper editor was to engage audiences with the most compelling content across multiple platforms. He now does this with clients wishing to improve their engagement through their websites, social media and mainstream media. 55 comms also delivers comprehensive and lively presentations on elements of the media industry. More.

Tips for stories that engage audiences

Sep 12, 2019
By Ainsley Pavey 55 comms Executive Director The evolving art of storytelling requires more skill than will for brands to make lasting emotional connections with audiences. Although our company was…Read more

Chase for revenue slants news focus

Sep 12, 2019
By Michael Crutcher 55 comms CEO Media outlets have spent much of the past decade looking for their secret sauce: how to get audiences to pay for news. It's tough because audiences long ago becam…Read more

Switching from old paper master to PR apprentice

Sep 10, 2019
By Scott Thompson 55 comms director This was written for 55 comms' e-newsletter Sourced. A little milestone has just been reached for me. After three decades in traditional news media, mostly news…Read more
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