55 comms helps clients to engage audiences in the rapidly changing media environment. 55 comms director Michael Crutcher worked at the highest level of Queensland's media industry and has unmatched knowledge of its operations. His brief as a newspaper editor was to engage audiences with the most compelling content across multiple platforms. He now does this with clients wishing to improve their engagement through their websites, social media and mainstream media. 55 comms also delivers comprehensive and lively presentations on elements of the media industry. More.

Why Zoom has become a COVID star

May 22, 2020
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms social media coordinator We are in this unfamiliar world where physical interaction is restricted and craved. It’s truly bizarre, our normal day-to-day interactions are…Read more

Social media during COVID-19

Apr 24, 2020
The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt everywhere. 55 comms social media coordinator Jordan McDonald identifies four ways that coronavirus should and should not impact on your business's …Read more

Mining Reddit for social media content

Jan 24, 2020
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms social media coordinator If you’ve been keeping up with the 55 comms blogs, then you’ll be familiar with the social media platform Reddit. For those unaware, Reddit i…Read more
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