55 comms helps clients to engage audiences in the rapidly changing media environment. 55 comms director Michael Crutcher worked at the highest level of Queensland's media industry and has unmatched knowledge of its operations. His brief as a newspaper editor was to engage audiences with the most compelling content across multiple platforms. He now does this with clients wishing to improve their engagement through their websites, social media and mainstream media. 55 comms also delivers comprehensive and lively presentations on elements of the media industry. More.

How a five-second ad shone in the Super Bowl

Feb 11, 2021
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms Social Media Coordinator The Superbowl ads can be as entertaining as the game and this year’s 55th annual clash delivered. Amazon, SquareSpace, Mountain Dew, Pringles,…Read more

Clubhouse enters the social scene

Feb 2, 2021
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms Social Media Coordinator A new social media platform has generated some noise over the last few weeks and it’s worth noting. It’s called Clubhouse. What is Clubhouse…Read more

Five social media strategy tips for 2021

Jan 11, 2021
By Jordan McDonald 55 comms social media coordinator Welcome back to 2021. Let’s hope it’s a year with more certainty. It’s not easy to plan in these times but businesses still need to plot a …Read more
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