55 comms is committed to the values that underpin all good journalism - honesty, accuracy and precision. 55 comms will provide a level of service carved out of many years of the highest-level journalism which demanded integrity, a clear mind and the ability to work quickly without forsaking attention to detail. Those values also demand a respect for the past but a willingness to learn and master changing practices.


  • 55 comms works quickly and effectively – a habit fine-tuned by working to media deadlines across the world. This skill, when combined with the frontline media experience gained by only a few journalists in Australia, provides excellent value for money.
  • Clients can also be assured of working with Michael Crutcher, receiving his insights and personal touch on all work.
  • 55 comms does not cover the broader spectrum of communications work, instead focusing on areas of expertise. 55 comms refers clients for work outside of its specialist areas to valued, proven partners.