Social media during COVID-19

|| April 24, 2020

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt everywhere. 55 comms social media coordinator Jordan McDonald identifies four ways that coronavirus should and should not impact on your business's approach to social media.


In a time where so much is uncertain, it’s incredibly important that your business provides reassurance to your customers and audience. This reassurance isn’t one-size-fits-all, it’s important to adapt your messaging to fit your audience. For example, a lot of businesses have taken to social media to make a statement which outlines the impact of COVID-19 to their business right now, how they plan to adapt to those effects, reinforce the government health guidelines, and how to continue to support the business. This has been done with singular text posts, tiles series on Instagram, or business owners publishing an informative video. Once you know how you’re positioned amidst this crisis, or if your situation changes, update and reassure your customers – provide that certainty.

Keep posting

Whilst there has been a significant disruption to normal business activity, it’s important that this disruption doesn’t impact your social media activity negatively. Once you’ve reassured your customer base and explained how you will continue to operate within the guidelines, continue to post your regular content with a new ‘isolation’ approach, and keep it light. We can all relate when I say that our newsfeeds are saturated with COVID-19 news, so any content that is light or distracting is a nice break from the news-cycle. Maintaining your regular posting cycle is important for this reason. Every crisis is an opportunity – whilst that statement isn’t to be confused with trying to sell to people constantly, it’s a great way to use ‘fun’ content to attract new customers for later.

Don’t sell too much

Just about every business is feeling the financial pinch of COVID-19 and often that creates a feeling of desperation as businesses scramble for money streams to keep the business going. Sadly, some businesses will be forced to shut, but for those fortunate enough to continue operating (within the health guidelines), it’s really important you don’t sell too much on social media. Most people are feeling the financial stresses of COVID-19 too, so every dollar spent is being watched even more. A company that is constantly asking for those dollars could really damage their relationship with their customers. With all this said, don’t not advertise at all – simply pivot how you intend to continue providing a product or service and communicate how the normal purchase process for customers has changed.

FREE is great

If you are in a position to offer some part of your service/s or products for free for a period of time, or to existing customers, then that’s a great way to strengthen your customer relationship during this time. Adobe Creative Suite offered its customers two months of free subscription, Uber Eats has provided free delivery for a month. All these little things are great ways to invite customers back to your business and spend their money again. Worth thinking about …