An old hand engages with a new audience

|| September 25, 2013
The Vatican - yes, the Vatican - has found a way to engage with a new audience. One interview from fledgling Pope Francis - described as a "thunderbolt" by the LA Times - has cast a new light on how leaders can send a message.
Granting an interview is hardly a new tactic but Pope Francis' words have scattered like lightning through new media channels.,0,5977572.story
It's paid off for the new Pope, who had already jolted his very conservative minders by habitually ringing people for one-on-one chats. He even called personally to cancel his newspaper subscription.
He may have dropped that attachment to the traditional media but he is doing nicely spreading his message to audiences in new ways. But the approach isn't for everyone - you need a certain personality. It's probably not the advised method for Cardinal George Pell.