The last afternoon paper - for sure this time

|| June 12, 2015

It's been said before but this time it's real - Australia's final afternoon daily newspaper will be published today.

When the last copies of mX are distributed to commuters in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, it will be the end of the afternoon print edition.

The same was said two decades ago as the major cities lost their afternoon metro dailies. But mX revived the daily model, albeit changed to a free paper, in 2001.

That mX has lasted for almost 15 years is a credit to the innovation, energy and smarts of the many excellent journalists who have worked on the masthead. 

But anyone on a train or bus heading from the CBD in recent years has noticed that the numbers of people reading information on their mobile devices clearly outnumbers the newspaper.

It's not a sign that journalism is going the way of the afternoon print newspaper. We're consuming more news and information than ever - we're just choosing not to do it through the costly means of print.

Those papers are very expensive to produce compared to the agile, lively digital delivery.

It's a changing era and we can be sure of one thing - the afternoon newspaper is dead. Let's hope the mX staff continue to play a role in journalism.